Through more than a decade, Roy has worked in advertising, a magazine, a vineyard, a cafe and record labels like Universal Music and EarthSync india. For a better part he has dealt with branding, creation and marketing of music, film & video art, as an oft non-conforming artistically debauch A&R (artist & repertoire professional) and a compulsive anthropologist.

Roy curates film screenings of independent cinema and makes films that convey compelling stories of our times. He is an active contributor to the subculture eco-system.

NAFiR was his debut directorial effort which premiered at the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival, 14th Film Dokumenter Festival, Yogyakarta Indonesia & 17th Madurai International Film Festival. He is currently working on his foray into music videos, short fictions films & a feature-in-development. Extreme Nation will be his first feature documentary, to be released shortly.