A die hard metalhead embarks on a cinematic journey across countries, cities & towns of the Indian subcontinent, unravelling a gripping tale of diverse and equally discordant but well connected nexus of a volatile & extreme subculture emerging from a region steeped in common history & geo-political strife, revealing a scathing commentary of our times.

Extreme Nation is a personal, cinematic journey to analyze years of evolution of what people call “the devil’s music”. Shot over a timespan of four years and above, this feature length film delves deep into the lives of those who are die-hard beacons and irrepressible spirits of the subculture, unfolding an awe-inspiring anthology of the emergence of metal underground in the Indian subcontinent.

Film Type: Feature Documentary
Genres: Music, Subculture, Society, Travel
Runtime: 75 min (approx)
Completion Date: TBA
Country of Origin: India
Country of Filming: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Film Language: English, Hindi, Sinhalese, Bengali, Punjabi
Shooting Format: Digital
Aspect Ratio: 16:9/ Color/ B&W

Executive Producer & Direction: Roy Dipankar
Screenplay & Story: Roy Dipankar
Associate Producers: Sumesh Khosa, Krishnan Bantering Ram, Abhay Singh, Soumen Roy
Wishberry Trailer: Madhavan Palanisamy
Work In Progress: Supratim Roy, Siddharth Murlidharan, Nikon Basu, Oddjoint
Camera: Adams, Aniket Dasgupta, Animesh Mondal, Ashwath Nair, Dewan Ashraf, Dilip Dutta, Ehsan Kabir, Gagan Judge, Harish Gowtham, Manish Tipu, Mithun Bhat, Oinam Doren, Raja Bannerjee, Ramis, Rogger Kenneth
Web: Sushant Prasad
Official Poster Source Image: Metal Farmer Photography
Official Poster Art: Raj Khatri

Since time immemorial, mainstream namely popular music in the form of film soundtracks, has been the mainstay in the Indian subcontinent as calibrated by numerous radio plays and record sales.

Heavy metal or its more obnoxious offshoot underground extreme music, has largely remained unexplored, misconstrued and misrepresented since years...

This documentary chronicles the unchartered realms of extreme metal and the entities who stand by it. The film travels vividly from Lahore in Pakistan to Nagaland in the North East of India, from Calcutta to Colombo, from Mumbai to Dhaka – capturing the origins of this movement citing social and geo-political commentary by a youth subculture, set in a fast-developing but still conservative subcontinent.

After four and half years of traversing across the Indian subcontinent, through countries, towns and cities, here's a film that stands at its ultimate stage of completion. This is a story that waits to be told and made known to the entire world. An anthropological view through the unadulterated eyes of a traveller and an ardent fan of extreme underground music spawning through three decades of walking in the dark side by bands, individuals and organisers - the doomsayers of our times, the narrators of armageddon, perpetrators of those spreading ill doctrines, never heard before from the region.

The project was selected to be presented to national and global commissioners and broadcasters at documentary film forum and workshop - Docedge 2016, Kolkata. Also successfully crowdfunded on Wishberry in 2017 as one of selected projects at The Goa Project 2017.

Extreme Nation is a thoroughly researched and honest attempt in capturing the true facades of extreme underground metal music in India and the SAARC countries, promising a high-power historic and exciting ride from the past to the present of this genre of music, without following the usual TV/ Youtube style music episodes which are sometimes painfully academic, often half-baked & lop-sided, and blatantly sponsor-led.

Dealing with more serious and darker themes and producing an even harder sound extreme metal has become the subject of a full blown subculture spreading quickly to neighboring countries of India like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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