Nima Lavafpour is a traveling musician from Iran and shares a deep bond with India. On one such visit to India, he gets to rediscover a memoir after 8 years. This sparks an infectious wave of creativity in his life and others around...

A musical exploration, reminding us of an age-long spiritual and cultural bond between India and Iran. For those who are following open lines of Sufism outside and beyond any per-conceived doctrine of law, institutions or religion.

Genres: Music Documentary, Arts, World Cultures
Runtime: 30 min
Completion Date: April 15, 2015
Country of Origin: India
Film Language: English, Persian
Shooting Format: DV Tape, HD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3/ Color

Direction: Roy Dipankar
Produced By: Mohammed Saqib, Roy Dipankar
Executive Producer: Roy Dipankar
Camera: Dev Shankar Prasad, Dilip Dutta, Girish Anesur, Adams, Chennai
Editing: Arun Miruthyunjey, Mohd Faiz, Sundarapandiyan, Siddharth Murlidharan
Music: Nafir (Iran)
Sound Design: Bjorn Surrao, Sankararaman Krishnamoorthi
Location Sound: Girish Anesur (Mumbai), Vicky (Chennai)
Coloring Artist: Harish Gowtham
Web: Sushant Prasad
Official Poster: Pery Castiel (Israel)
Nafir Band:

Farbod Faridfar
Sahar Mogadam
Ahmed Hussaini
Faustoos Puria
Nima Lavafpour.

A dervish or darvesh (from Persian درویش , Darvīsh) is someone treading a Sufi Muslim ascetic path. Among the most widely known and the earliest of the dervishes are the Kadiris, whose order was founded in 1165 AD and who are known in Europe as the howling dervishes because of their peculiar chant. And then, In 1273 AD the order of Mevlevi or the whirling, dancing dervishes was founded by followers of the Persian mystic and poet Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi.

The film has a narrative in two layers spanning two different timelines, viz. 2006 - 2014.

This film is dedicated to the lovely souls who are evidence to the age-long Indo-Persian brotherhood and friendship, that still very much persists in the urban landscape. NAFiR is also an effort in exploring the effect of time and it's impact on human lives and their transcendental spiritual states.

Made in 2007, on the 800th birth anniversary celebration of Sufi Mystic Poet Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi; this film could undergo post-production and completion only in 2015, once I could gather enough funds to revive the film.

Hopefully this film can bring in fruition to an international music exchange program bridging the nations of India and Iran who have, since ages, made a great cultural impact on a global stance.

Indian Premiere
Official Selection - Short & Doc
21st Kolkata International Film Festival
Kolkata, India
November 2015

South Asian Premiere
Official Selection - Music et Docs
14th Festival Film Dokumenter
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
December 2015

Official Selection - Short & Documentary
17th Madurai International Film Festival
Madurai, India
December 2015

Official Selection - Documentary
Chennai International Documentary Film Festival
Chennai, India
February 2016

Official Selection
Southway Film Festival
June 2016

Screening - Breaking Ground
Celebrate Bandra Film Festival
Mumbai, India
November 2016

Supportive cities
August 2017

Official selection
The Archeological Channel Film Festival
Oregon, USA
May 2018