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Satan worshippers? A new documentary looks at the Indian subcontinent’s extreme metal scene.

A common passion binds a group of young men separated by borders but united by a shared geographical history – the world of extreme underground metal. Roy Dipankar’s still-in-progress documentary film Extreme Nation looks at a subset of headbangers from across the subcontinent: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. more


Extreme Nation explores the musicians’ lives as rockers, and their relationship with a shared violent past, a tense present and evolving power conflicts in a volatile region.

“In a world where the pious reign… and given what they do, I would rather be a blasphemer,” says Anton Dhar, metal musician from Bangladesh. In Pakistan, inspired by leftist poet Habib Jalib, Hassan Amin sings, ‘Pakistan ka matllab kya, main nahin janta main nahin manta (What is the meaning of Pakistan; I don’t know, I don’t believe’)’ more

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Origins of the Underground

Extreme Nation, Roy Dipankar’s second documentary film, tracks the growth and history of underground and metal music.

Chennai-based filmmaker Roy Dipankar says things have changed a lot for a metalhead compared to the last few decades. “Around 15-20 years back, wearing torn jeans, T-shirts with intricate artwork and sporting long hair was looked down by society as outcast behaviour. Now, parents are buying metal gear and equipment for kids involved in metal bands. We definitely have come a long way.” more Thumbnail

Unearthing the Indian underground music scene

From playing covers at small DIY gigs to hordes of bands releasing countless albums, the Indian metal scene has evolved over the years into a well-oiled machine churning out massive concerts and tonnes of original music. This surging underground monster has reached far and wide, spreading across all the corners of the country. With an intention of showcasing this sub-culture and youth point of view on various subjects, Chennai-based filmmaker Roy Dipankar embarked on a journey to track the growth of the metal scene in India. more

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Into The Mind Of A Documentary Filmmaker

A musical exploration of spiritual and cultural bond between India and Iran, for those who are following open lines of Sufism outside and beyond any per-conceived doctrine of law, institutions or religion, the intriguing synopsis of Nafir states. Nafir is the debut documentary of the Chennai-based documentary filmmaker Roy Dipankar, which premiered at the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival in the Short and Doc category in November 2015 and was screened at 17th Madurai International Film Festival and the 14th Indonesian Festival Film Dokumenter, Yogyakarta. more

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Trailer for Indian metal documentary up now! Can’t WAIT for the full doc!

Woah…2015 is nearly over but THIS is making me want 2016 to hurry the fuck up and get here already! A documentary about the Indian metal scene has just released a trailer that is worth you stopping whatever the fuck you’re doing right now to check out below. The trailer includes conversations about Pakistan and Bangladesh as well so it looks like it’s more a South Asian perspective on metal. more


Chennai Filmmaker’s Documentary on South East Asian Metal

Chennai-based filmmaker and music industry professional Roy Dipankar has been working on a documentary about the South East Asian underground metal scene for a few years now. Technical snags and funding issues weighing down, the filmmaker has turned to more

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Exclusive release: Extreme Nation Documentary trailer

Extreme Nation chronicles one of the darkest, most explicit and mysterious forms of a subculture spawned over years of metal music in the Indian subcontinent – confronting a high-power, historic & exciting ride from the past to the present – that have been hitherto little known or largely unexplored. more


Last year, we saw some gritty, entertaining and eye-opening real-life stories come to the fore. These movies crowdfunded their budgets on Wishberry and collected over Rs. 50 Lakhs from 400+ people proving that crowdfunding and documentaries are a winning combination. Here’s a low-down on the most-liked, crowdfunded documentaries of 2017.

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